Sometimes the directive may not work as planned | Sang hoon Lee (KR)

Fredag 25. februar kl. 18.30

Meta questions: questioning the question.

Experiments on language.

Once the direction has been established there will be a doubt.

There is attempt to resist.
It is obvious that the performer aware of the attention on stage.
Measuring the un-measurable.
Establish uncertainty.
Sometimes, only some of the times.   There was an attempt to make performance that makes no sense.
How can it be possible to even make sense out of the non-sense?
Escalating the negative numbers into positive space.   ‘Do nothing’ As a score.
I do nothing.
Realizing that I ‘do’ nothing.
Endlessness often connects to the nothingness
Can I do to do nothing?
Try not to do nothing.
I don’t do nothing.
Variation of resisting to ‘do’ occurs.
Endlessness now meets the nothingness
Slow, but continuous movement of resistance appears.   Measuring the distance of two negatives.
Always the positive relationship appears.
Your action of measuring may help to see uncertainty.   Noticing the absurdity in daily conversation.
Often people asking questions like ‘how are you’. And,
There is no attempt to really want to know ‘how I am’.   Why not asking audience to ‘look at me’?
Over and over again.
Repetition as a way to creating the resistance.
Knowledge should not resist me to repeat.   Action of defining is a tool to generating the clarity.
Something uncertain remains uncertain by defining it as uncertain.   Perceived movement is different than the movement itself
Lightness is essential because of this gap.
‘Another’ and ‘something’ can be both perceived only then.
Nothing is there in this gap.
Nor there is everything on the other side of nothing.
Everything may not be the opposite of nothing.
Difference is different from being not the same

Om kunstnaren

Sang hoon Lee er utdanna i London og Seoul innan tekstil, mote og performance design. Han har bakgrunn som kostymedesigner og kostymane hans har vore sett på Frontlosjefestivalen 2020. I denne prouksjonen tek han steget opp på scena sjølv, samstundes som han er å finne i masterstudiet i koreografi på Kunsthøgskulen i Oslo.


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