Gardening | Rita Maria Munoz (NO/CL)

Welcome to this world where the undeniable happens; a body tirelessly working to keep its garden alive slowly accepts its end.

Torsdag 24. februar kl. 18.00

Through dry soil, dying plants, and the unsteady and fading sounds of its world you are brought to see and let go, to deny and accept, together with the performer. Hopelessness and hope linger; what life do you see in its wrinkles?

gardening is the merging of the exhausted physical body and earthy materials that, through choreographic methods, create a ritualistic flow of death and life. The movements – unsettling, slow – are inspired by the feeling of glue unsticking from skin, happening as the dry garden disintegrates around the performer.

Both the body and the materials are symbols of the fragility of life and the constant in all our lives: death. The performance becomes a visual image of the waiting. The denial that comes with hope. The breath. The life that comes after. The circle connecting.It is a message of love to a lifelong passed.

Om kunstnaren

Rita Maria Munoz kjem frå Bergen, med chilenske anar. Ho er utdanna danser frå Iceland university of the arts og gardening er hennar første solo scenekunstprosjekt.


Concept, choreography, performance: Rita Maria Muñoz Farias
Artistic Assistance: Nicola Gunn
Co-producer: Frontlosjefestivalen
Photography: Michaela Vyskocil Gettwert
Supported by: Bergen Kommune, Bergen Dansesenter, Wrap
Thanks to Nitharsana R.; for inspirational conversations and help.
Dedicated to: Magdalena, Panchito and abuelita Rita.